The SaaS Gigant
LinkedIn Case Study

Introduction and strategy

Our client is a daily deals website for digitally software distribution and online services. The company’s 2020 strategy was to grow and spread across several new funnels, which includes LinkedIn.

Our main goal was to acquire as many new customers as possible to accomplish that strategy, so for this purpose prospecting was the most important. The intention was to inform customers, spread awareness of how beneficial these software solutions are and to share the unique value the company provides.

Our client chose LinkedIn because 4 of 5 LI members drive business decisions and they have two times greater buying power in comparison to the average web audience. Finally, LI offers laser-sharp audience targeting with so many options to be chosen.

As we can see from the picture above, we targeted important decision makers, like owners and CEOs towards the best results. We followed the Pareto Criterion when it comes to the percentage of prospecting and remarketing campaigns involved. It means that 80% of the campaign structure goes to prospecting and the rest is reserved for the remarketing campaigns. 

All prospecting structure was divided into 3 divisions towards the goal accomplishment and product types, to make sure we test and see which types of products are giving the best results. When doing prospecting, it is of great importance to exclude all the data points we have access to, to make sure we are targeting the brand new audience that hasn’t previously engaged with us in any way. We optimized all campaign structure towards the purchase event. 

Our success

In the period less than three months we managed to increase engagement on the account as it can be seen in the picture.

The numbers speak for themselves. During time, the number of purchases has grown. We tested a few different types of ads and focused on the best performing.

The total conversion value for this period was $78,000 and the total amount spent for paid advertising on LI was almost $15,000. All in all, the total LI account ROAS was above 500%. In the picture below we can see the total ad spend amount. 


We would like to point out the knowledge we gained working on this account. It is very important to understand the product nature and customer behaviour when it comes to purchase decisions to be made. LinkedIn offers many types of targeting and a few of those are rather important considering like Job Titles or Company size. Using appropriate targeting makes us gain the best outcome. Since it is a network consisting of decision makers and professionals our campaign structure was towards the value we are adding to final customers and how they can benefit from it.