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Google Case Study

Introduction and strategy

We started working with this client in October 2019. They have been running Google Ads for some time and initially their goal was to keep increasing their spend AND their ROAS. After a while, the goal was switched to new user acquisition and we were able to help them with both.

This screenshot shows the overview of the previous agency’s work before we took over the account in October.

Tracking was not set properly, so we had to do it the moment we took over the account. We always make sure that tracking is perfect before we launch our first campaigns. It’s pointless to optimize after wrong metrics!

In November we managed to increase the budget from $300/day up to $1200/day without major changes in ROAS.

Our best-performing day was November 29th where we managed to achieve the revenue of over $40.000,00 on Google ads account only (17+ ROAS):

While making a total of $1.000.000,00 to our client for that single day!

How did we manage to achieve this?

Our main focus was to use Google’s Similar Audiences feature. We targeted people similar to those we used as targeting audiences with our YouTube prospecting campaign. We already had the data that showed us that our targeting was very well-researched.

We had two types of YouTube prospecting campaigns (website visitors and converters Similar Audiences) and two separate remarketing campaigns retargeting website visitors and converters to support our prospecting.

Along with 4 YouTube campaigns, we had 2 Search campaigns to maximize the profits.

After November ended, the goal was switched from target ROAS to a new user acquisition. So we were slowly increasing the spend and we managed to stay profitable, even though we switched our focus to cold traffic.

We scaled the account over the next 3 months and doubled the revenue. We were acquiring plenty of new users at a great cost and managed to keep the account stable at all times as can be seen on the screenshots below.


We have a lot of experience in the SaaS media space and working on an account such as this one was extremely valuable to us as we only further improved our media buying and strategy. We really brought our A-Game here and are so proud to have been a part of this $1.000.000,00 in a day project.