Pet Calming Niche
Case Study

Introduction and strategy

Pet Calming Niche –
An “Underdog” Product

How the right product shown to the right audience can improve the overall Facebook account performance

Our client owns a brand that is offering solutions to ease the common pet anxiety symptoms. They offer a variety of products but they’ve mainly focused on one best-selling product.

Their main problem was acquiring new prospective customers at a good cost. Additionally, they were in the middle of redesigning their website and needed to keep a lower daily spend while maintaining the ROAS higher than 1,5.

The image below shows the account performance in the last 3 months before we started working on the account. We made our first edits on October 1st. Our budget was only $150/day with very little space to scale if the results get better.

Our success

We found a specific niche interest and managed to get a positive ROAS in our test prospecting campaign! Even more important was the fact that we now had valuable data to base future tests on.

At the same time we started testing different kinds of ads, and making “perfect ad groups” that would give us the best results. To those unfamiliar with this concept, Facebook algorithm works in such a way that it awards the diversity in ad types, and having multiple ads in different formats allows us to frame our offer in a couple of different ways. Ad sets with groups of ads such as this will often outperform even the best-converting ads just carelessly thrown together!

This is the example of an ad that we made – we already knew our audience and what type of copy/creative combination works the best, so we gathered a lot of social proof fast, and this new ad quickly became a top ad on the account and just kept bringing in sales.

Another interesting thing is that we made this ad for a completely different product than our client was usually pushing. By diving deeper into the analytics, we saw the potential for this product and decided to give it a shot.

We made a new campaign with interests based around that specific product, and managed to hit

1,94 ROAS –
in pure prospecting!


By focusing on other products as well and researching to find the best potential buyer for the said product, we managed to broaden the audience pool and to make more profit for our client.

So, in the first 3 months on the account, we spent $14.312 at 2,08 ROAS. During this time, we increased their revenue by 58% and prepared the account perfectly for scaling once the new website goes live.