Online Food Business
Case Study

Introduction and strategy

We onboarded this client at the beginning of 2019. Their Facebook ad account was fresh while they had some results with Google Ads

In the very first month of running Facebook ads we have already achieved their desired goal of 600% return on ad spend. We mostly focused on new customer acquisition since they already had a trusted customer base. Our goal was to bring more new customers to the funnel and retain them for a 6-12 month period.

Our average CPA (cost per acquisition) was around $50 while the AOV (average order value) was around $300, and the retention rate on the new customer on average was around 12 months, so approximately $3600 per customer.

Soon after our first month with Facebook ads, we took over their Google ads account as well.

They had a difficult time with optimizing ad relevance and decreasing the cost per click as well as increasing ad spend while maintaining the same return of ad spend. With our keyword segmentation approach and smart objectives optimization we managed to maintain return on ad spend while increasing the ad spend and revenue as well as decreasing the cost per click.

Google Year Over Year Growth

Facebook Year Over Year Growth

After a year working with this client, we managed to increase clients their overall revenue by 25% = $1,350,000!