Jewelry and Home Decor Case Study

How we got from $467.75 in April to $47,242.79 in December a 11,922% increase in Shopify sales. 

Culture Cross is a business that sells jewelry and home decor products collected around the world. 

The most important part of their mission is providing a sustainable income. 

The communities they work with make a living through their traditional craft, which provides for their communities and helps preserve their cultural heritage.

In addition, monies raised by supporting these artists in India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia are used to help rebuild communities affected by devastations such as earthquakes, pandemic losses, and more.

The client makes the most profit by selling their products on Festival booths and from their Etsy store. 

Since COVID-19 outbreak, all festivals got canceled, and their business got affected so they decided to make a Shopify store and market on Facebook as a new way of reaching their customers and having a steady income source. 

Our team researched the market and potential customers and developed the marketing strategy that is best suited for our client’s growth in the new market. 

We started with lower spend and made some initial tests.

From their existing customer base we made lookalike audiences to target on Facebook which gave us great initial results with 5.41 ROAS for that campaign from pure prospecting. 

Also, we found few targeting interests that perform good as well with 3.02 ROAS.

We used data we collected from these initial campaigns and based further growth of the account on them.

One of the things that showed great improvement on this account is DPA prospecting campaign that generated good results since it was made months ago, and it is active with 2.20 ROAS.

We expanded targeting to other countries and expanded the pool of possible customers and that way also  lowered the cost per purchase.

Our marketing solutions resulted in 11,922%  growth in Shopify online sales with 2x+ ROAS on Facebook ads from the start of our campaigns to date.

After the first four months sales were doing so good that they sold out most of their top-selling products, and unfortunately, due to COVID-19, they encountered shipping problems, so we had a few months in which there wasn’t any visible growth, but we were able to keep the account profitable during this time. 

After restocking, we started increasing spend on Facebook and in return revenue started increasing.  

The Black Friday sale and Holiday sale after did so amazingly that the client got overwhelmed with the number of orders and asked us not to scale for some period until they can manage to receive more orders and ship all of them on time. 

“I think we’re almost ready to start scaling :smile:

Until then, we are keeping good performance and bringing them steady revenue.