High-End Luxurious
Skincare Brand

Introduction and strategy

High-Ticket Beauty Products – Increasing The Customer Base While Staying Profitable

How to run profitable cold traffic ads for luxury products

Our client owns a luxury skincare brand. Our task was to bring in more new customers, which was an ongoing issue for them since their entry product is costly. On top of that, the brand wasn’t in a good place back then as they suffered an internal crisis. This made things increasingly difficult.

We started on December 1st. The last 3 months before we started are shown in the image below:


We started with well-researched interest targeting and stayed within the specific niche which resulted in 1,42 ROAS in pure prospecting in our first 3 months on the account.

We used the data we gathered to decide which products are most likely to be bought together and used that information to make product bundles for upsell and cross-sell dynamic remarketing. The remarketing campaigns started soaring!

We kept making and testing new ads. The ones we found worked the best were carousel ads showing a step-by-step use of the products instead of videos as we had previously expected for this brand. The past best-converting video ads were still kept as a backup, to increase the chances of winning in FB auctions.

Here is the example of the top prospecting ad that we made:

The results

Overall ROAS went up from 1.54 to 2.30 in less than four months!

And happy client