Female Streetwear Brand
Facebook Case Study

Introduction and strategy

The client owns a female streetwear clothing brand, and it’s catered to a very specific niche. Our research was very thorough and we knew which avatars to target even before we started working on the account.

Besides this, we connected the clients with a respectable website developers company to make the necessary improvements to their website. We were using heat maps and found a number of issues that were lowering their conversion rate.

We took over the client’s Facebook and Google ad accounts in August. At the moment, their monthly revenue was rather low as well as their marketing spends.

Our success

We’re constantly running smaller-scale tests for creative, audiences and optimization, and we managed to surpass their best efforts even during this phase. ROAS was at 150% and the spend kept going up. At this point, we built up the audiences enough to give us a solid base for high-quality lookalikes which were crucial when it came to scaling up.

We slowly scaled vertically for a couple of months and used the BFCM madness to pave our way for scale. The clients had restocked around this time, so we were able to make a big jump in spending. We had a very profitable Black Friday and Cyber Monday promos and we kept pushing further.

In January, we managed to hit $30k in revenue (which was half of their yearly revenue for 2019!).

We used the collaboration between this brand and a well-known artist to scale the account to the new heights and managed to hit $60k in February! This is when we started using horizontal scaling as well.

The top-performing campaign on the account was the dynamic creative IG stories campaign with over 10 ROAS. We surpassed our ROAS goal significantly (1.5+), and got up to 4!

On one of the best days ever

we hit 21 ROAS!​


We built a couple of evergreen campaigns and nailed down the structure we kept using for promos and new drops. We’re confident that this will keep the momentum going and that the account will only keep getting stronger and the revenue will only keep going up!