Diffusers and Vaporisers Brand
Google Case Study

Introduction and strategy

We started working with this client in September 2019. 

In the last 3 months before we took over, the spend was at $5.8K, with a conversion value of 14.7k. The results weren’t bad at all, but our client wanted more revenue.

Our success

The image shows the last 3 months on the account, we managed to scale the spend up to $13.7K spend with nearly $30K in conversion value!

In the last couple of weeks on the account, the client asked us to gradually reduce the spending because of the inventory issues. That was unfortunate as the account was ready to scale even more.
The account progress can be seen in the next two pictures:

The best day on the account was November 24th, 2019, when we hit almost $2500.00 in conversion value! Something like this has never happened on the account up to this point.

We were doing daily optimization for the account and built up a negative keyword list. Also, we kept adding new prospecting keywords on a daily basis and turned off those that didn’t convert well. 

Our best move for this account was to set up the Google Merchant Center and running Shopping ads, which helped us a lot to keep the performance stable and growing over time.

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