Diffusers and Vaporisers Brand
Facebook Case Study

Introduction and strategy

How this brand is dominating the vitamin niche with 3+ ROAS in prospecting on Facebook

This client has a brand of B12 diffusers and vaporisers, one of the first ones and most famous in this niche. We had already proven our worth with another brand this client owns, and they felt more comfortable to entrust us with this account which is more high-end.

We took over the account from another agency in June 2019. They were struggling with prospecting – they just couldn’t acquire new customers at a good cost. Their cost per acquisition lingered around $90 which is just barely profitable, even though their prospecting was overlapping with remarketing.

In the first couple of weeks we made a lot of changes:

We immediately made structural improvements – we made sure we’re separating cold traffic from warm, and hot traffic.

This is crucial for proper tracking and making data-based decisions in media buying. Having the audiences mixed up can skew the data and inflate the numbers for cold traffic while it damages the hot traffic campaigns. We always make sure we’re avoiding this to provide our clients with the most precise data we can get.

We utilized the past account data to make fresh lookalike audiences, and we made sure we understand what type of creative and copy speaks to the customers the best.

We followed our research process and made sure we updated the customer avatars with the freshest data.

We made new ads based on the client avatars and managed to scale the spend by nearly 100% while keeping the ROAS way above the goal. The new ads had a crucial role with scaling.

Unfortunately, as anybody familiar with the niche already knows, around September the vaporization devices got a bad rep which caused the sales to drop, so we had to lower our spend. We kept monitoring the negative comments and tweaked our messaging to keep the customers’ trust in the brand.

We were back on track and managed to scale again by December. We grew the account further throughout January and February.

By this point, the coronavirus outbreak caused a lot of businesses to lower their marketing spends, and this was the case for this brand as well. It was an unfortunate timing for the brand as we had an insane performance in pure prospecting!

However, once this difficult period is over, we know exactly what works in the niche and in the account, we know how to make top-converting ads that pool social proof like crazy, so we’re confident the brand is going to get back stronger than ever before as the competition keeps dwindling.