Introduction and strategy How this brand is dominating the vitamin niche with 3+ ROAS in prospecting on Facebook This client has a brand of B12 diffusers and vaporisers, one of 

Introduction and strategy We started working with this client in September 2019.  In the last 3 months before we took over, the spend was at $5.8K, with a conversion value 

Introduction and strategy The client owns a female streetwear clothing brand, and it’s catered to a very specific niche. Our research was very thorough and we knew which avatars to 

Introduction and strategy How we grew the brand on Google and supported our Facebook marketing efforts to increase the sales by 412%? We took over the client’s Facebook and Google ad 

Introduction and strategy Our client, owned and operated factory in Sonora, Mexico sells high quality, sustainable and custom made furniture. The company has a big variety of products from general 

Introduction and strategy High-Ticket Beauty Products – Increasing The Customer Base While Staying Profitable How to run profitable cold traffic ads for luxury products Our client owns a luxury skincare brand. Our 

Introduction and strategy We onboarded this client at the beginning of 2019. Their Facebook ad account was fresh while they had some results with Google Ads In the very first 

Introduction and strategy Pet Calming Niche –An “Underdog” Product How the right product shown to the right audience can improve the overall Facebook account performance Our client owns a brand that is offering solutions 

Introduction and strategy We started working with this client in October 2019. They have been running Google Ads for some time and initially their goal was to keep increasing their 

Introduction and strategy Our client is a daily deals website for digitally software distribution and online services. The company’s 2020 strategy was to grow and spread across several new funnels, 

How we got from $467.75 in April to $47,242.79 in December a 11,922% increase in Shopify sales.  Introduction and strategy Culture Cross is a business that sells jewelry and home