Affiliate Marketing Powerhouse

I worked as an advertiser for many years, I managed the affiliate’s accounts team successfully and developed very close relationships with the top publisher platforms. As my own company went through expansion I hired an affiliate agency to take over my affiliate accounts.

Three months later (in November our busiest month) we had 36% fewer sales. My company went from weekly personal emails from me to my publishers to one bulk email a month from my agency. After reviewing every email the agency sent to those publishers I estimated the manager had spent just 1 to 2 hours a month managing my account, had no personal relationships, despite being told they would and, that had an immediate negative effect on my own business.

It took me months to get released from the contract and even longer to get the sales back up. One of the largest affiliate agencies going through substantive growth had failed me badly and tied me up in a long term contract. Since working with them and speaking to my publishers, and my own clients, it would seem I was not the only company to have been handled this way. After analyzing exactly what the company had done I was appalled, disgusted that this company blatantly lied, made promises, and basically said whatever they had to, to win the business.

Our clients are more than just customers. It is our goal to market your business as if it was our own. We refer to your business as ours, your sales as ours and, your successes as our successes. We work your accounts daily combining over 80 years’ experience and long-term affiliate relationships to achieve your goals.

We are a tight-knit community of professional digital marketing strategists, media buyers, and affiliate marketing wizards. We have successfully grown both established brands and new online businesses to new heights. With individual experts boasting over 17 years’ experience, we can do more than anyone else in the industry.

Your advantage is, we do not lock you down in long-term contracts. We strongly believe that our successes will motivate you to continue working with us, we don’t need to lock you in. We have never lost a client, ever.

As a client, you will receive a full affiliates Health Check and GAP analysis. In order to understand where your competition is successful, we first need to know with whom they are working. We offer an appraisal of your current business and, advice on maximizing the potential. This information can be used to adapt and manage your own affiliate strategy or, use the information to better manage your own affiliate marketing agency or, let us grow your business.

Our team includes expert Affiliate, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, LinkedIn marketers, video editors and designers, copywriters, chatbot builders, conversion optimization specialists, developers, office managers, and project managers.

If you have an online business, we have everything you need to make you successful.